Why The Right Health Insurance Will Keep You Healthy and Wealthy?

A private health insurance policy could work out cheaper than paying for the treatment outright.

What is health insurance?

Having health insurance means that some – or all – of the cost of private healthcare treatment will be covered if you’re ill or injured. Without medical insurance, private healthcare can be costly.

Even though the NHS offers free healthcare, many people still like to have health insurance, UK wide. That’s because private healthcare comes with added benefits, such as faster treatment.

As with any kind of insurance, private healthcare insurance comes at a price. You’ll have to pay monthly or annual premiums. But a private health insurance policy could work out cheaper than paying for the treatment outright.

Deciding which UK health insurance options is right for you

Considering the solid options for healthcare in the UK, there’s really no single right answer for everyone. Understanding your own situation and needs is the best way to know whether or not you need public or private health insurance. When it comes to that discussion, one of the best decisions you can make is to engage the services of an experienced UK health insurance broker.

How can you reduce the cost of your private healthcare

It’s important to compare health insurance, to find the best health insurance at an affordable best price.

But if you need to lower the cost of your healthcare insurance, there are several things that might help. These include:

  • agreeing to pay a higher excess when you make a claim
  • choosing to have NHS treatment if waiting times allow (you’ll get a discount on future policies if you haven’t made a claim)
  • proving to your private medical insurer that you live a healthy lifestyle – for example, by going to the gym
  • reducing the number of hospitals you have access to
  • reducing the level of cover you have
  • co-paying on claims, which is when you split the cost of treatment with your insurer
  • paying annually rather than monthly.

The benefits of private health care insurance

Private health care insurance comes with lots of health benefits.

Examples of these include:

  • You can bypass long NHS waiting lists, so you’ll be seen and treated faster
  • You’ll have more treatment options, including treatments or drugs that aren’t available on the NHS
  • You could be treated in a private hospital with your own room, in a more comfortable setting with amenities such as a TV and your own en-suite bathroom
  • You’re free to choose your doctor and hospital, giving you more control
  • You have more peace of mind about your health plan if you fell ill.