What Is The Cheapest Health Insurance in India?

The basic myth around an insurance policy is that a cheap policy is a better one. But, this holds true if the policy is offering adequate coverage and other important features and benefits to keep you protected such as Bajaj Allianz, Max Bupa, TATA AIG etc.

You may investigate some factors before buying an affordable health insurance policy of your choice.

● Coverage – pick a health insurance which offers comprehensive coverage of all illnesses and treatments. So, you only pay for what you use and can save cost.

● Waiting Period – choose policies which offer minimum waiting period for pre-existing conditions and post-discovered diseases (diseases found after purchasing the plan). This will eliminate unnecessary stress and help reduce cost.

● Cashless – know the network of hospitals and treatment center listed on your insurance network so you can avail instant care, in times of emergency, at hospitals near you.

● Family Floater – in this a single policy is used to cover a single member or an entire family. The chosen sum assured is applicable to everyone covered in the policy and thus saves cost of buying multiple policies for different members.

Most financial institutions and NBFCs offer lucrative, competitive insurance so what is cheap for one may not be for another.

But there’s an advise that can save you a lot of money on health coverage: Open a Saving Bank Account with PNB or OBC Bank. The Oriental Insurance Co, A Govt of India Undertaking, has tie up for health Insurance with PNB and OBC. This Policy is for Employees and Account Holders of OBC and PNB. This is the cheapest and best Health Insurance Plan available in Indian Market.

In the last few years, the term medical insurance has touched the seventh sky with the new discoveries. Researches and studies show that changes in lifestyle of a normal human being makes us prone to fatigue and illnesses. The consequences of the same lead a person towards the unwanted health related issues and diseases that cost high and treatment of the same create a hole in the pocket of a normal person. In such cases, an effective health insurance plan comes as a savior. Usually, a health insurance company plays a vital role when it comes to buying a health insurance plan as everyone wants to get the best one within their budget which can offer a wide coverage.