How to Score a Huge Deal on Proper Tires in the UK

There’s a difference between choosing tires and choosing the right tires. We know not everyone cares as much as we do about tires, so we’re here to lend a hand! Here’s everything you need to know about how to choose proper and tires for cheaper price!

Did you know you can haggle when you’re buying tires? That’s right — you should never have to pay full price. After deciding what brand you want, go to a dealer and put your haggling skills to the test. Make sure you do some online research first, since you’ll often find a better deal online than you could get in person. Getting prepared before making a purchase is the best way to ensure you’re getting a great deal.

Don’t go too cheap!

The cheapest, most entry-level tires will only save you money if you’re selling your car in the very near future. As you might expect, ride quality, fuel economy, and traction are universally worse on the lower end of the market. But it’s by a jaw dropping margin and many of these tires are unlikely to last up to their limited warranty periods (40,000 to 50,000 Kms). In other words, don’t go for the cheapies. And no matter what you do — don’t buy used.

Do your price-matching online

The Tire Rack and Consumer Reports do a great job of separating the rolling masterpieces from the lumps of rubber. Use them to figure out what tire is best for where you live and how you drive. There’s also a secret weapon you can use to your advantage that will save you big money. Just by searching online for the brand of your chosen tire and the correct size, which is located on the side wall (for example 195/70/R14), you can usually save about £20 per tire. Also, it’s worth checking the current rebates at the websites of the major tire stores near where you live. Ultimately, that’s exactly where you’re going to go to get an even greater savings.

Timing is also important
Don’t wait until your tires are dangerously worn before you begin shopping. Petersen suggests checking your current tires by inserting a quarter into the tread. If the top of George Washington’s head (pointing down) is even with the tread, it’s time to begin the shopping process. If you insert a penny and the tread is even with the top of Abraham Lincoln’s head, the tires are becoming unsafe and you should buy new ones right away.

Best time to buy tires? Holidays.

These are the times when manufacturers and retailers will ante up rebates that can often knock over £100 off the cost of a set of tires. But before you walk in and sign on their dotted line (which typically has several paragraphs of small print and gotchas), you need to plan ahead.