How to save money on a cruise and enjoy it to the fullest

Fun Fact: “Just like many hotels around the world don’t have a 13th floor, some cruise ships don’t have a 13th deck as the number 13 is considered “unlucky” according to superstitious beliefs.”

Cruising has never been as popular as it is today.
Cruise companies have lost billions in 2020 and in order to get new clients fast, they will reduce prices heavily in 2021-2022

So future couple years will be super cheap for this type of traveling but in case you want to save even more, here are few tips:

  1. Use a Travel Agent
    A travel agent can explain the ships to you, but cabin credit and other perks are bigger money-saving reasons to book through an agent. Travel agencies offer various incentives for booking with them, like a cabin credit that can be used onboard for any purchase, such as drinks or merchandise. The credit amount will vary depending on the type of cabin, but however much it is, there’s nothing like a little free money to start your cruise.

Travel agencies also sometimes offer reduced cruise deposits. It’s common for cruise lines to ask for a $500 deposit per person, but some agencies ask for a smaller deposit, such as $200 per person, keeping more money in your pocket upfront

  1. Know the Additional Fees
    You may see what seems like an amazing offer of $599 per person for an inside cabin on a seven-day cruise. But that $699 quickly becomes $775 or more when you add tax, tips, fees, and port charges. Prices vary based on room and ship, but here’s an example:

Cabin price: $599 per person
Tax, Post Charges, Fees: $83
Tips: $101.50 (based on $14.50 per day for 7 days)
Total: $783.50 per person
Keep in mind that cruise fares are based on double occupancy. A single person can book a cabin, but cruise lines charge a single supplement for doing so.

  1. Book Early
    Cruise lines offer several last-minute deals, and some of them are outstanding. These last-minute specials often come 90 days before the cruise date. Some recent examples, all for inside cabins, include a seven-day Caribbean cruise for $339, a 10-day cruise through New England and Canada for $624, and a nine-day cruise to Mexico and Central America for $425. CruiseCompete has a comprehensive list of current cruise specials here.

If you don’t care about cabin location, have the flexibility to cruise in a matter of weeks, and don’t really care about the itinerary, then waiting until the last minute may be for you. But if you prefer more certainty, book well ahead of time.

Itineraries are available as much as two years in advance. Booking early means getting your choice of cabin at a lower rate. Once the ship starts to fill up, prices creep higher. Sure, a lot can happen in a couple of years, but remember that customers have up until 90 days before the cruise sail date to get a full refund of their deposit and any money paid.