CYBER SECURITY DEGREE – your ticket to one of the most wanted occupations of 2020-2030

Fact: “There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds.”

In today’s world, we hear far too often about companies or businesses being hacked or falling victim to a data breach. As companies begin to do more and more business online, it’s no wonder why cybersecurity is a booming field and a career students should consider getting into.

What Exactly Is A Cybersecurity Professional?
The purpose of cybersecurity professionals is to utilize technologies and processes that help prevent cyber criminals from conducting unauthorized attacks on computer systems, networks and programs.

What Skills Will I Learn In This Program?
Students who decide to pursue a cyber security degree will learn:

Networking protocols
Security concepts
How to respond to cyberattacks
How to configure and implement a firewall
How to configure a Virtual Private Network
How to install a secure wireless network infrastructure

What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Degree In Cybersecurity?
There are several benefits to getting a degree in cybersecurity, which are listed below.

Qualified cybersecurity professionals are currently in extremely high demand.
This profession offers employees an unlimited potential for growth.
Employees can work on either a full-time or part-time consultant basis.
Cybersecurity professionals can secure a sizable income and excellent job benefits.
Employees will be able to choose from a variety of different job prospects all over the globe.
People in this field will be able to have a positive impact on the lives and careers of their clients.
Thanks to the daily advancements in technology, cybersecurity professionals will constantly be learning new skills and methods to help them outwit cyber criminals.

What Job Duties Will I Be Performing?
Students who graduate from the program will be able to provide the following services to business owners, private citizens and perhaps even government agencies:

Protection of both company and employee information
Prevention of websites from going down
Denying spyware access to company computers
Skills to combat potentially virus-filled ads courtesy of adware
Protection from ransomware
Providing customers with the features and support they need to guard themselves against cyber criminals
Knowledge and skills to beat hackers at their own game
Plan of action to help customers recover quickly in the event of a breach
Opportunities to help a business or agency improve their standing, credentials and professional reputation